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batimet – Welded Corner Joints – Our Feature for Most Exquisite Appearance!

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Building envelopes made with batimet products are hand in hand planned and manufactured. In our production halls, continuously computerised processes of manufacturing and automation are combined. In direct proximity to our research department, high quality constructions of timber and aluminium are created. Thanks to the interaction of R&D and production as well as constant digitalisation, the customer can rely on highest precision and dimensional accuracy.


Our products’ quality always comes first. All acquired materials are intensively and thoroughly controlled in order to ensure their compliance with the guidelines and high requirements of batimet. After a task is completed, every batimet team member is in charge of checking his work according to the company wide policy of quality control. In addition, these controls are processed and documented by an in-house quality assurance team. Prior to delivery, all products are again finally inspected and only cargo marked with zero defects are approved to leave the house.


At batimet, everything is „Made in Germany“! With state-of-the-art production technology and our team’s decade long know-how, not only do we meet the requirements of our clients with considerate flexibility, but also with punctuality and precision. Our batimet management system of production planning and quality control takes care of it.

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